Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Farewell to a Friend...

"Hey, hey, there she goes now she's walking down the street again
Shuffling down the sidewalk, scuffing up her brand new shiny leather shoes
And all the stray digs, they hissing out cause they all wonder where she's going to
As early evening light keeps her shadow out of sight
Sleeping soft, hidden from view"

These words, written and sung by a much wiser and worldlier man than I, seem to capture the excitement and reservations that one may have while about to embark upon a new adventure. It serves as a warning, I think, to let the subject beware; as well as to serve as a lesson to those of us not brave enough to follow our hearts.

An old friend of mine is about to venture off to set sail on such a life changing adventure.
She's killing two birds with one stone, both following her heart to a new land, and being the inhabitants' teacher in the ways of the western world.

She's a classy woman who likes the finer things in life, but also is able to see the good in virtually everyone she meets.  I'm both proud of her beyond words, and sorry that she has to travel to the other end of the Earth, in order to find that which she seeks.

I hope that you are as accepted and loved in your new country as you are here.
Our best wishes of fortune and personal fulfillment to you!
Come back to us with many smiles and tales of your successes.

I wrote these words a couple of months ago to let a friend of mine know that she is highly respected, and will be heavily missed as she ventures out into this big and wondrous world.  Stephanie, safe travels, and good company to you in your new endeavor!  May the people you meet take you in as one of their own, and may the experiences that you happen upon beget the stories that keep you laughing, smiling, and charging forward to newer, bigger horizons in your very bright future.

My very best to you,